“Ah, and then there is Maid Marian (Meredith Garretson) … Garretson’s Marian is a combination of all of Disney’s cartoon heroines. Only she is real. She is a spunky, athletic tomboy capable of hood-winking the too often gullible Robin… [she is] Broadway bound no doubt.”

Meredith Garretson sparkles as Maid Marian”

“Daniel Reece and Meredith Garretson make a great pair as Robin and Maid Marian. Reece is as handsome, cheeky and charming as Garretson is lovely, stubborn and unapologetically feminist. ”

Meredith Garretson’s Maid Marion is not the damsel in distress she has been in the past, and is more a smart and capable fighter (and better archer than Robin). She is not afraid to play the diplomat with her royal Uncle Prince John, or contemplate marriage to Sir Guy as a political match, but there is no doubt she is choosing these actions to help people on her own terms, and no one else’s. (Thanks to a gorgeous wig, when grown up Marian arrived I almost yelled “She’s a grown up Merida!” which made me so happy. But I digress)”

Meredith Garretson stands out as Maid Marian, whose wit is as fiery as her hair. This Maid Marian isn’t a damsel in distress; rather, she fights back better than all of the boys. ”

“Maid Marian (Meredith Garretson) who wields a bow and arrow like Katniss Everdeen…”

“Matched with the lithe and heart, Meredith Garretson as a Maid Marian of uncommon spunk.”

Meredith Garretson’s stalwart Marian becomes disillusioned with the establishment and joins Robin and his Merry Men. But, it turns out, she has Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood in her DNA: crack-shot and swords-person, and fiery combatant against injustice. The always comical Daniel Reece is Robin Hood in name; Garretson’s Marian is Robin Hood in deed. In this character-driven piece, Maid Marian drives the others into action (with a subtextual message for today: follow the women). ”

“Maid Marian Has Errol Flynn’s DNA”